Optical Thermoforming

..the molding is the art………


For medium to low volume simple shapes, thermoforming an optical flat substrate into the desired shape is the perfect alternative.  Taylor has patent pending methods and equipment that are effective in ways others just cannot be.  Whether short run or long term high production Top Glass has you covered.   We are able to work with various substrates including Acrylic, PET, Polycarbonate, Polyethersulfone, and others to produce the desired end item. We can accommodate any form or feature required by employing custom machined tooling if necessary.  Molding the materials to achieve fit form and function requirements while also providing the highest optics is our everyday routine. 


Optical thermoforming


- Sizes from eyeglass lenses to 6 feet or more are available

- Thicknesses from film to 2”

- Quantities from one off, to high volume contracts

Optical Thermoforming at TOP Glass Lightweight Shatterproof Windshields in Kansas City Missouri